Premiere Tandem Paragliding Experience

We will tailor the 20-30 minute flight for you, so if you want an introduction to aerobatic flying, this will be included at no extra charge. We also include your £15 BHPA membership, so there are no hidden extras on the day.


We can fly with different sized wings for different wind conditions and passenger weights. To help us choose the correct size wing please enter the passenger weight. We can fly passengers from 40 – 125kg (6-19 stone)

Are you buying this as a gift for someone?

To send this voucher as a gift for someone, simply fill in the details below. Filling in the date field will send the voucher on that date, leave blank if you want them to receive it immediately. If you are buying this voucher for yourself just leave all the fields blank.
Edited 3-4 Minute Video in HD
We condense the flight down to around 3-4 minutes and add a song to make it an enjoyable watch. The songs we use must be free of royalties and copyrights. If you would like to find your own (copyright-free) song and send it to us we will be happy to edit your video otherwise we will find one for you.

How it works

We’ll email you your voucher which is valid for a whole year. When you’re ready, just call us to book your experience. But don’t leave it until the last minute! Remember paragliding is weather dependent, so you may need to try more than once.

Call us the night before your booking to check the weather for the next day and confirm if we’re able to go ahead. We’ll also confirm where we’re meeting as the site depends on the wind and weather.

Bring some warmer clothes as it will be colder up in the air than it is on the ground. You’ll need good boots. You may also want to bring some snacks or drinks with you as you may be waiting for a while until the conditions get just right.

On the site, we’ll fit you with a helmet and harness and show you everything you need to do.

When the conditions are right, which depends on the day, we’ll have the flight. Remember to talk to your pilot about what you want from the flight – a gentle float about, or the chance to experience acrobatic flight. You can even have a go at flying the glider yourself if you want to.

  • Your voucher is valid for one year from the purchase date and secures a flight of at least 20 minutes.
  • You must contact us to book the date of your flight.
  • You must then ring the evening before to check whether weather conditions are suitable.
  • Paragliding is weather dependent. We need the right conditions to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable flight. If the conditions are not suitable, your flight will be rescheduled.
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours before the day will incur a £30 penalty and failure to turn up on the day of the flight invalidates your voucher.
  • Although vouchers are only valid for 12 months if reasonable attempt has been made, voucher life may be extended at my discretion.
  • It is possible to call on any given day but be aware that priority is given to people who have booked in advance.
  • All tandem passengers must be day members of the BHPA. This costs £15 and is included in the cost of the voucher.
  • Students must bring their student card with them on the day.
  • For group bookings, all participants must be available at the same time.

Customer Reviews


“In short..amazing day, I would thoroughly recommend Owen as being the man to take you tandem paragliding. Great fun! It was a dream I’ve had for years… and it didn’t disappoint! Go only live once and this experience is one that I shall remember forever 🙂 “Thanks Owen!”


“Owen is very professional and I felt totally safe the whole time, I very much recommend this. Fantastic views above Devil's Dyke and very exhilarating! Thank you Owen for a brilliant tandem flight, it was loads of fun, something I have always wanted to try.”